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What We Inspect

Foundation, floors, walks, columns, ceilings and roofs.

Wall claddings, flashings and trim, entry way doors and windows, garage door operators, decks, balconies, steps, porches, and railings.

Roof coverings, drainage systems, flashings, skylights, chimneys, and roof penetrations.

Piping materials, fixtures, faucets, functional flow, leaks, cross connections, DWV systems, functional drainage, water heater, chimneys, flues and vents, and fuel storage.

Service entry conductors, service and grounding equipment, main over-current devices, amperage and voltage compatibilities, lighting fixtures, switches and receptacles, polarity and grounding of all receptacles and ground fault circuit interrupters.

Heating equipment, normal operating controls, automatic safety controls, chimneys, flues and vents, solid fuel heating devices, distribution systems including fans, pumps, ducts, and piping supports, dampers, insulation, air filters, registers,  fan coil units, and the presence of an installed heat source system in each room.
Central Air Conditioning
Central air conditioning to include cooling and air handling equipment, normal operating controls, distribution systems including fans, pumps, ducts and piping with supports, dampers, insulation, air filters, registers, fan coil units, and the presence of an installed cooling source in each room.

Walls, ceilings, floors, steps, stairways, balconies and railings, counters and cabinets, doors and windows, separation walls doors between dwelling and attached garage.

Insulation and Ventilation

Insulation in unfinished spaces, ventilation of attics, foundation areas, kitchen, bathroom, and laundry venting systems.